Reddit Is Fast Becoming an untapped Marketing Channel with massive potential

Reddit is one of marketing’s great underutilised opportunities. Much like Tik Tok before it exploded Reddit is fast developing its online offerings.

According to Alexa, it’s the fifth top digital property Australia giving it some added clout if you’re considering adding it to your marketing mix.

Currently, Reddit trails the big three, Google, Facebook and YouTube in Australia.

Some of its impressive stats include

  • 430 million monthly active users – 30% YoY increase 
  • 199 million posts – and counting!
  • 1.7 billion comments – and counting!
  • 32 billion upvotes – and counting!
  • Monthly comments have grown 37% YoY
  • Monthly view count has jumped 53% YoY

By December, the compnay had pushed past 430 million active users globally, putting it ahead of Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok and Snapchat in terms of usage compared to the other big social channels.

Reddit isn’t usually considered the go-to for digital marketers for advertising space as it has a very particular usage and goal for the channel. Personally I would utilise Reddit for a good read for weird and often wonderful topics one can find.

Their users are also passionate about the medium as well as the topics they are often engaged with, giving marketers the opportune channel to target demographics and interests with potentially better results as well as ROI.

Before you get to excited about Reddit

Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves – Reddit’s marketing capabilities come from a very low base. Similar to Linkedin a few years ago, its ad tools still need some work but it can also be an untaped market.

Impressively though the company has started to transform the platform, rebooting its ad platform offerings and capabilities.

This includes pixel tracking (sound familiar yet?) and conversion attribution – all key metrics for any campaign and justifying its use.

Monica Peart from eMarkter stated

“Reddit’s users are tech-savvy and highly engaged, making them attractive to advertisers. A large portion are unique users, meaning they don’t use other social platforms. That means advertisers have the potential to reach new audiences in a highly targeted way.”

Keep an eye on this channel for further developments


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